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We followed this beautiful young lioness as she wandered the plains in Addo recently. She kept her distance when she came across these four buffalo, knowing that buffalos are extremely dangerous, even for a lion, and best to leave them alone when outnumbered.

We had a free moment after work and we went to see the lions & cheetah at Kragga Kamma Game Reserve outside Port Elizabeth. We were lucky enough to find 5 of them lying right next the vehicle without a care in the world! Magic end to a very busy week!

There are few sightings that are more memorable than seeing, hearing and experience a lion roar! We were fortunate to have this very experience right here in the Eastern Cape recently.

We had this incredible experience last year with this amazing animal. The video does not do the size of this amazing creature any justice. Weighing in at 2.3 tons, it is considerably bigger and heavier than most family cars.

We had an amazing experience today when a giant bull elephant came within inches of our car as it walked by. Absolutely amazing!

Crocodile, Elephant & a Grey Heron eating their lunch right next to us while were eating ours, sitting on the deck at Tau Game Lodge

Bush Fact: Warthogs are often seen walking on their knees when eating grass. They do this to get their mouths closer to the juicy roots of the grass.

We recently came across these beautiful black backed jackals looking for their supper. We suspect mice might have been on the menu.

We were fortunate to witness this encounter at Addo National Elephant Park, between a black headed heron and yellow mongoose. Looks like both of them were on the hunt for something to eat – when they started to consider each other for a snack. After a few changes of direction, they finally went their separate ways.